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June 18, 2014
Harper's Pseudo Approval of Northern Gateway
On June 17th, 2014, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources announced a less than firm approval for Enbridge's Northern Gateway dual pipeline and supertanker port proposal. 
There were no Cabinet Ministers or Conservative MP's to be found who would speak to the issue, and even the Prime Minister remained hidden in his offices, unwilling to have his image associated with this decision.
If they had any real hope of this proposal being built, or more importantly, of the proponents ability to succeed, they would have put the 'Harper Government' stamp of approval all over the announcement and proudly stood before the Canadian people to explain why this a 'no brainer', 'nation building' project.
Instead, they have attempted to find the least politically damaging way to distance themselves from their formerly aggressive support of this project, and have left it to wither and die a slow death in the courts.
Douglas Channel Watch will support First Nations, and others, who will be fighting Enbridge through the courts for however long it takes. Douglas Channel Watch will also add our voice to those calling on Premier Clark to deny Enbridge the permits needed for construction in British Columbia.
The Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal has forged unprecedented alliances between First Nations, communities, and British Columbia citizens. We have only just begun building a wall of opposition to tar sands products on the north coast of British Columbia. 
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