Where We Stand

Vision Statement:  The Douglas Channel Watch will work to protect the Douglas Channel and its tributaries. 

The Whale’s Tale

Douglas Channel Watch – Where are they now?

For 8 years, DCW was at the forefront of the fight against Enbridge; we’re still here.

Douglas Channel Watch members have always been learners.  We spent years researching and learning about diluted bitumen, the tar sands, pipelines, company histories and much more.  We networked with other environmental groups and we presented at the Joint Review Panel hearings and cross examined company representatives at those same hearings. Finally we fought the Kitimat plebiscite in March 2014, to gauge community support for the pipeline and won.  Almost 60% of Kitimatians oppose Enbridge, not including the Haisla whose court action DCW supports.


DCWs mandate is to watch over and protect the Douglas Channel and so we are carefully following proposals for new industrial development that will affect the Kitimat River, its estuary and the marine environment.  We have been researching LNG production, pipelines, plants and shipping.  We have attended community meetings and private meetings with the companies and asked questions, lots of questions.  We are in the process of reviewing LNG Canada’s Environmental Application and have concerns about noise, loss of estuary habitat, whale protection from shipping and cumulative air shed effects.


We are also concerned about the source of LNG.  Fracking is looking less and less attractive the more they learn.  This is more difficult because it is happening far away.


DCW are watching the Rio Tinto air shed appeal process closely since no industry is required to deal with cumulative effects.  They sponsored a public presentation by Greg Knox of Skeena Wild when the Ministry of the Environment was unavailable to do it.


And finally we are watching the politics of energy at all three levels of government.  Sometimes we’re impressed, sometimes not so much.  Over everything arch the cold, hard facts of climate change.


If you are interested in learning more about these things, look further into our webpage  or check out our face book page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Douglas-Channel-Watch/359078515967, and start educating yourself!  DCW encourages all our neighbours to get involved in our future.